Meet the artist

A hopeful romantic.imagery storyteller.Believer in Jesus, Love, Family and Genuine Connections, Adventure seeker, daydreamer.A Lover of classical music, ballet & coffee shops.

Latin American with a southwestern European heritage raised in England, you could say I’m an adventure seeker and a daydreamer.

Fascinated by literature, and history nourished by my parents, you would most often find a young girl spending her days, daydreaming, creating and completely immersed in writing up her adventures, collecting a memoir of the heartfelt connections made along the way, cultivating a love for arts.

A summer spent in Paris, carrying with me a precious gift from my parents, after days spent exploring and learning, I eagerly captured the beauty of ordinary days, each detail that inspired me and made my heart skip a beat and the place that inspired my vision for refined imagery.

As an admirer of life and genuine human connection, my journey began with capturing the simple, and loving memories of friends’ baby showers, children’s portraits and couples' love stories from Ireland to Switzerland.

During the pandemic, I committed my time to this craft, to capture and celebrate my favourite type of story: The Romances build on a strong foundation. Yours.

My ultimate goal as a storyteller of love stories is to serve, honour and celebrate love stories and weddings that reflect an eternal covenant, capturing the deeply felt senses, that softly touch our hearts and are so sweet to remember long afterwards: Moments turned into memories.

If you would like to embark on this journey together, contact me I would love to hear your dreams and vision for your wedding day!

“The humblest tasks get beautified when loving hands do them”

Love Notes

Tamara and Elliot

“Working with Giovanna was fantastic! She was so organised and clear with her vision from the offset. Not only this but she was so attentive and happy to accommodate, The shoot was enjoyable, beautiful and thought out so well.”

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