Braian Ojeda and Natalia Britez engagement session UK wedding photographer Nottingham Luxury fine art photography

Celebrate your engagement season

Your wedding season will fly by with all the wedding planning and life changes and transitions happening, this will be a short period of your life where you will be engaged, I truly believe that intentionality when having your engagement session is the key, you should take this time to celebrate this season with your fiance.

The wedding planning process for most couples is a busy season, and there is beauty in this season too, but I want to invite you to have an engagement session where you will have time to slow down and be present to soak in all this season presents.

Build a Relationship with your photographer

As a photographer my focus is to build a genuine relationship with my couples, building a friendship with your photographer is the key to having beautiful wedding pictures and enjoying your shoot, having a friendship with your photographer will make you comfortable to express spontaneous and authentic emotions, for me knowing my couples and how they interact as a couple is essential for me to understand better how to guide you and shoot imagery that reflects your love story, throughout this process you'll and your fiance will be able to gain trust because you understand how I work, and once you get your engagement images you will for sure fall in love.

Its a rehearsal for your wedding photos

Similar to having a rehearsal dinner prior to your wedding day, having your engagement session, prepares you for your wedding photos, its a time for you both to connect with each other and also get comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer, you'll find that you will enjoy and feel more relaxed for your wedding pictures.

Braian ojeda and Natalia Britez pre-bodas UK wedding photographer luxury capturing senses photography
Braian ojeda engagement session UK luxury wedding photography
Braian Ojeda e Natalia Britez pre-bodas UK wedding photographer capturing senses photography

An opportunity to create new memories

Why not take the opportunity to travel to another city or even another country to do your engagement session, I'm all about opening horizons and opportunities for my couples, If you have a dream or an out-of-the-box idea get in touch, whether you want to go back to where you feel in love, take the time to reminisce, reset and create new memories or maybe you want to have an adventure on your engagement session, I'm here for it all. An engagement session is the perfect excuse and a great way to enjoy your time as an engaged couple, and be fully present whilst getting amazing pictures along the way.

What is your go-to date with your fiancee, do you make pasta together?do you like going on countryside walks? do you play a sport , an instrument or dance together? or maybe there is a date you've always wanted to go to and never found the time? Let's make it happen! what better day to celebrate your love story and collect beautiful imagery?

Imagery to use in your wedding

Whether you want to use them on your wedding website, you save the date invitations electronic or printed on embossed paper, written in calligraphy and sealed with a wax stamp image, or you can use them on your wedding day- In my collections, I also offer a la carte an engagement album if you want to be fancy and your wedding guests can sign your engagement album and it will be such a special gift to look back through.