Dear friend, You were asked "will you be my bridesmaids?" and I can imagine your joy and excitement to have been chosen to stand next to the bride as she says "I do", you have been chosen because you are special and a loyal friend to the bride, who has entrusted you with this amazing role on her wedding day. I want you to honour and as a gift for the bride consider applying these elegant etiquettes,I am certain she will appreciate i your grace and discretion.

Arrive early for the morning of the wedding

Arrive 30 minutes before the start time; the morning of the wedding flies by between breakfast, long chats, emotions and beauty appointments. Arriving early and knowing the schedule can save a lot of stress closer to the ceremony time. Make sure to know exactly when is your hair and makeup appointment so that you don't delay the bride. Especially if there is only one hairdresser and makeup artist for the entire wedding party.


Book a separate hair stylist and makeup artist for you and your mom's maid-of-honour & mother-in-law. Ask your makeup artist and hair stylist if they have an assistant or would recommend another vendor with a similar style for the bridesmaids- this optimises the time and avoids any mishaps.

White is exclusive for the Bride

The most familiar elegance etiquette for most cultures is that only the bride wears white for the wedding, including colours such as off-white, cream, champagne and silver in some cases. It is best to wear other colours to avoid embarrassment and upsetting the bride on her wedding day, this applies to all wedding guests.

  • The only expectation is for modern brides who choose to have their bridesmaids wear white or if the bride's culture wears a different coloured wedding dress. If this is the case, go for it!

Respect the dress code and colour scheme

Following on from the previous point: Brides will typically have a colour scheme and style for the bridesmaid's dresses, Bridesmaids accommodate and be supportive of the bride's vision. In some cases, the bride will give her bridesmaids a complimentary colour palette and specify the dress's length, material and level of formality: A dress code (e.g.:black tie/formal/cocktail). 

Unplug & Be Present

By now you know you are someone special not only for the bride but also for this couple's love story- being the bridesmaid/maid of honour is an honour and the best way to honour this place in their lives is to be present. Turn off your phone and unplug from social media, serve and celebrate this millestone alongside the bride. Being a calm and discrete bridesmaid makes all the difference, weddings much like life has a few of unexpected last-minute changes- being discrete & avoiding drama and gossip will create a lovely environment for the bride to soak up the last few minutes before becoming Mrs.

Know your role & responsibilities

I could make a list of typical roles and responsibilities that a bridesmaid should have but I believe the best person to tell you what she is expecting from you as a bridesmaid & maid of honour is the bride, ask and be ready to serve your friend, sister, sister-in-law, cousin etc from the planning to her wedding day, serve her with an open heart, honesty and loyalty.

Find below some intentional questions to ask the bride:

How can I serve you best as a bridesmaid?
What do you want help with?
Which events would you like me to help host/plan?
How can I make you have a wonderful wedding day?

Choose an elegant appearance

Elegance is knowing how to dress appropriately for each occasion, paying attention to how well the clothes fit you per example short body-con dresses and sheer/revealing materials are not appropriate and ultimately they will make you uncomfortable throughout the day as you try to fix them.

This also applies to your choice of makeup and accessories. They make a big part of your outfit and in my opinion, natural makeup (natural glam, soft glam) and timeless accessories will elevate your outfit and enhance your beauty. And most of all you will be confident in your own skin to enjoy the day and celebrate with your friend.

Additional tip: Ask the bride if there are any elements for hair and makeup that she would like you to avoid,some brides choose to ask bridesmaids to have an up-do if she has her hair down and vice-versa.

I am so excited that you have been chosen as a bridesmaid and I hope you have a delightful time celebrating the beautiful covenant of marriage of this special bride as she says "I do" to the love of her life.

With love your friend, Giovanna

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